Florentino Torres Meneses, Chief Technology Officer

Florentino is an Industrial Engineer with over two decades of experience in building plants for the processing of animal-by-products. He has worked on the design and assembly of more than 25 such plants in South America. He has built seven animal residue processing plants from the ground up all the way to the management of sales and distribution of the finished product across Colombia and the region.

Florentino also worked as consultant with more than 35 poultry processing plants. He has founded and run a number of industrial engineering companies in Colombia, most recently Fabrifeed, SAS. He is the founding Vice President of the Latin American Association of Rendering Plants. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Project Management.

His vast experience in planning and executing greenfield animal processing plants and the knowledge he gained designing and running the Enthos’ pilot facility gives him the perfect background and expertise for designing, building and running a BSF processing plant. 

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